AJ Business Development is pleased to announce an additional 8 Education Modules!  We have released Social Media LifeCycles Education Modules, available for your organization to add to your library.  This product is the most flexible curriculum you will find, allowing you to use it for your specific audience.  We do not all learn the same, LifeCycles Education Modules have guidebooks, activities, video, PowerPoint Presentations, quizzes, handouts and links to online research.  The time savings for you is priceless.  

This product is packaged electronically for easy customization and is made for you to brand as your own.  LifeCycles Education Modules will add value and ehance your existing program by assisting your audience in understanding hot topics that surround our everyday financial and online health.

LifeCycles Education Modules are ready to use, easy to train, affordable, and meaningful to your audience.  


Personal Finance Modules             Social Media for Business Modules                         Social Media for Families Modules    

  What is Personal Finance?                                   Facebook for Business Basics                                                        Facebook Safety

  How to Pay for College                                          Facebook Content and Security                                                     Social Media Safety

  Auto, Home, and Health Insurance                       Using Facebook as your Business                                                  How to use your Smartphone/iPhone

  Savings vs. Investing                                             Social Media Basics and Security

  Credit, Credit Cards, and Loans                            SEO- Search Engine Optimization

  Money Management & Taxes

  Purchasing a Car

  Identity Theft

  Renting an Apartment


There is significant upkeep for educating your audience on topics such as college costs, identity theft, social media both for business and families, as well as technology changes, and general personal finance.  Are you tracking how many staff hours are spent creating new educational tools to enhance your existing offering? 

The time savings for you is priceless.  

Each of these modules will equip you with a Lesson Outline, Handout & Resource Materials, a movie trailer to give your audience a taste of their experience with this curriculum.  A full length voiceover PowerPoint in video format, a Leader and Student Guide, a quiz, and some courses have activities and games.  AJ Business Development has seasoned professionals that will help you with ideas on how to deploy these modules into your existing program, or help you develop a new program!  We include content for you to use in marketing campaigns, and are able to train onsite.  

Please contact us for more details, or sign up for a download of a sample module.