Social Media Journey

AJ Business DevelopmentUse Social Media to tell your story.


AJ Business Development will support your businesses social media journey.  We are here for you whether you need guidance on parts of your social media path, or throughout the entire process.  


Social Media Tips


  • It’s better to be visible and highly engaged in fewer social media channels.


  • Fully understand the resources needed and the level of engagement that social media channels require. 


  • Clearly identify your objective for social media and remember that the efforts of social media should always map back to the bigger business goal.


  • Do not allow your social media to live in a silo.


  • Look at your companies big picture and answer “what are we trying to accomplish for the business?”


  • Social media channels thrive on immediacy, engagement and authentic responses.


  • Prepare to manage the additional pressure that social media places on the business.


AJ Business Development wants your company to embrace social media, we want you to own and control your message, but we also want your customers to be a part of that message.  We will help you build a solid foundation within your industry and set attainable goals.  Let AJ Business Development help you tell your story.